About Us

The Foundations of Homewatch

Homewatch was first established over ten years ago on the Isle of Wight. The business was initially formed to provide a property maintenance & home improvements service, however, it also entailed some property management responsibilities.

Our professional operatives have a combined experience of over twenty-seven years in property maintenance, small-scale construction projects and property management. Their extremely valuable experience and knowledge has contributed enormously to the highly respected and friendly reputation of Homewatch in the West-Wight.

After many years of various bespoke building projects and property maintenance services, Homewatch proudly welcomed a new member to the team in August 2015.

Jamie Kennedy, a former infantry section commander (team manager) of Her Majesties’ Armed Forces. Jamie served six years in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment operating both in Iraq and Afghanistan. In November 2017, Jamie was proudly appointed as the Operations Manager of Homewatch which initiated a restructuring to what is now known as “Homewatch Property Services & Security”.

This minor restructure led to the recognition of an essential requirement of service needed on the Isle of Wight for key-holding, property security and property management.

We aim to grow, adapt and develop our services to meeting your needs and requirements as a property owner on the Isle of Wight.

“We take Care When You’re Not There”