Key Holding Alum Bay

Homewatch Key Holding Alum Bay acts on your behalf whilst you're away. Rest assured that our key holding services in Alum Bay excel in security, professionalism and quality which allows you to relax and enjoy your time away from your property.

We will hold the keys to your property in a secure safe that's located within Homewatch HQ. While our operatives are on patrols or on route to your property, the keys will be securely stored away in a safe inside a Homewatch Vehicle. A log book and serial number system will be used to log the activity with your keys and this will be available on request.

Homewatch can provide key holding in Alum Bay if:

  • Your property in Alum Bay is a holiday home and unoccupied.
  • You are going on holiday and leaving your property unoccupied.
  • If you are going on holiday and need pets caring for.
  • If you need tradesmen to gain access while you are away.
key holding Alum Bay
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  • Key Holding Alum Bay

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